How to Shoot a Paintball Gun

Welcome to our article on how to shoot a paintball gun, maybe you think that it sounds pretty easy and all you need to do is just aim and pull the trigger to shoot. Think again as there is some really important stuff you should know about what position to stand, how to hold the gun, how to aim and finally when to shoot.

We are firstly going to cover the fundamentals for you, the information discussed below is more aimed at beginner level players or first timers to this exciting game of paintball.

Paintball shooting tips and advice:

How To Shoot a Paintball GunThe first thing you should always remember is that safety comes first, so whenever you are actually intending to practice your shooting then relevant protection is required. If you are going to be practising and firing live paintballs then make sure you are in an appropriate environment and somewhere where you are NOT likely to hit anybody.

The majority of standard paintball markers tend to have a hopper attached above the body of the marker and the paintballs are fed through gravity into the breach where they will be shot through the barrel of the gun. With this in mind you will need to keep your marker in an upright position and try not to twist it in your hand at too greater an angle as the gravity feed system will then not work.

Holding the marker

You should make sure that you are holding the marker steady and try to keep your upper body nice and strong and stable. You can manoeuvre through the lower half of your body be it walking, running or crouching whilst keeping you upper half strong & stable.

The most popular aiming position for the marker is to bring it central with your nose, always keeping you head steady and looking straight down the centre of the barrel of the gun through both eyes.

If you are a first time player and maybe used to holding and aiming a conventional gun with a sight on top then you are likely to find aiming with a big hopper or loader unit in your line of sight somewhat awkward at first.

Top Tip: Keep your upper body really strong and with one hand forward get a firm grip on the marker.

Firing the marker and judging the trajectory

The thing that first time paintballers find really hard is that when you aim and fire a paintball marker the general trajectory of the paintball pellet is not always easy to judge. The method of aiming at a spot with the paintball gun needs some practice and you will need to follow some basic guidelines to start hitting your targets, more accurately, without wasting multiple paintballs.

You do have to remember the paintball balls differ from conventional bullets by their shape and by the velocity that the marker can fire them. Moreover, paintballs are a round plastic capsule that when fired through the air have a tendency to drift or arc depending on the range of fire. I know this sounds pretty basic stuff but if you start getting used to the flight trajectory of your paintballs then you can adjust your aim and arc of fire much more accurately.

Keeping both eyes open

Therefore, now aim at the target you are wanting to hit remember to have both eyes open, keep looking down the barrel whilst keep a steady arm and now fire one shot from your marker. Now, your first shot probably missed the target, so whilst keeping your upper body steady you can make any adjustment to the horizontal or lateral plane of the marker and fire a second shot.

You can see that by judging the actual trajectory of your paintballs you will be able to make small adjustments with the marker to finally hit your targets, you will find that practice makes perfect and then you can take out opponents quickly during live play.

We hope that we have covered the basics of how to shoot a paintball gun and we will be discussing more about advanced topics such as automatic fire, snap shooting, and firing from behind field objects such as trees and bunkers in additional articles.

Make sure you always have a fun and enjoyable time playing paintball, be safety conscious at all times. Additionally, for more great information please visit our blog page, our paintball tactics category and why not even visit our paintball shop to browse or buy the latest gear.

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