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Just a little bit about us

This paintball website is a culmination of efforts from a team of paintball enthusiasts who offer their time to create a fantastic space for paintballing players to visit from all over the world.

We aim to be the #1 paintballing website and our plans include sharing all our experience with you and to pass on awesome paintball tips, cool advice, technical gear knowledge, plus valuable know how.

Paintball is a fabulous sport and offers the opportunity for players to get together, meet up, have some immense fun and enjoy a world of tactical excitement. Of course you can be silly and end up getting hurt, this applies to any similar sport, but we urge you to play safe and keep within any safety & rules recommendation of your local paintball field.

Of course we want to have 1000’s of pages of top quality paintballing news, videos and blog content but you have to remember that such things take time to produce. Therefore, looking beyond our website launch period in mid 2015, into the coming years, we plan to have much more valuable content, videos and interviews appearing on our pages.

We hope you find our paintball website and shopping experience to be easy, straightforward and most importantly that you find it a real benefit, and as always we welcome user feedback and suggestions.

We welcome you to Paintball Tips Online.

Thanks from All The Staff!

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