Paintball Suppression & Invasion Tactic

There are a number of tactics that can be used to gain advantage over opposing paintball teams and the main two roles are to either invade or suppress your opposition. If you can successfully incorporate these two paintball tactics in your game play then you can overpower, eliminate and capture the flag of any team you play against.

Using both the suppression and Invade tactic together is a powerful strategy that if carried out well, with all your team members playing their part, can give you the winning edge over an opposing paintballing team.

Paintball Pro Tips:

Suppression Tactic:

Paintball Suppression & Invasion TacticIn order to use the suppression tactic successfully you will have to keep coordination within your team. The basic premise is to control the other team by using random fire to keep them pinned down whilst allowing several of your own team to push forward undetected and gain the upper hand in the game play.

This distraction based technique is known to work well on the paintball field and relies on a couple of your players working together to allow your other team players to advance.

If the suppression tactic is executed successfully then this will ensure the enemy team will retreat and you will be in an excellent tactical position to then eliminate them more easily and gain the advantage to pursue the capture of their flag.

Combining the Invasion Tactic:

If your suppression team players are doing their job effectively it is time for a number of your players to invade the remaining players of the opposing team. You will need to take their team by surprise as they should not be expecting you surprise assault due to the work done by your suppression team.

You should also remember that when you move as a group that it is extremely important to have a team tactic in place. It can be easy for even a single opposing player to eliminate a group of your players if they are in the open, tightly grouped together and not using basic cover techniques.

Make sure that when you move on the paintball field that there is a player covering you at all times, so one moves forward then takes cover which then allows you to move and also take cover and then the process repeats itself. The covering technique ensures that at any one time there is always somebody ready to engage the enemy and that you are not caught napping on the field.


Whenever you are on the move you need to be able to make the best of any available cover, you need to be alert and always be checking, giving you the best available options for attacking your opponents. Be ALERT, and ready to start firing by keeping your paintball marker level as you never know when you will be needing it. You can also use the sideways walk which makes yourself a smaller target and additionally gives a steadier hold on your gun.

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This video shows you the paintball suppression tactic in use - paintball pro tips series.

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