Our 10 Top Paintballing Tips

In the aim to help you improve your game we are sharing with you our top paintballing tips for player success, these include fundamental techniques that any paintball player should understand and implement in everyday game play.

Having seen many players of all levels seemingly turn up for a game of paintball with very little knowledge of the basics but having lots of enthusiasm it should be said that their enjoyment would be so much greater if they understood and implemented some of the following effective tips for paintball play.

Here are the top tips for paintballing players:

1) Stay focused and alert:

Top Paintballing TipsYou must always keep focused and alert on the field as if you let your guard down and get too confident about any given situation then you are likely to find yourself in trouble. Likewise, if you are just focused on one event, if you have an opponent in your sights and disregard the dangers of their fellow players closing in around you then you will find yourself likely being hit.

Always stay alert to both attack and defense options as you will have opportunities present themselves many times in each and every game and having an alert mind will allow you take full advantage of any opportunity.

2) Suppress your opponents before moving:

There are many type of suppression tactics that enable you to advance on opponents and take control but in this quick tip summary it is important to know how to move forward whilst keeping your enemies heads down.

When you move between cover on the paintball field, and are a known target, you should fire your marker before advancing or retreating and therefore make your target opponent/s take cover whilst you then move yourself to your next cover spot.

3) Staying cool headed but decisive:

It doesn’t help to get over excited on the field, maybe you think you have a winning position or you think that you are invincible, it will not help you improve the outcome.

When you have moved into a new cover position it is always good to re-evaluate your surroundings and possible enemy positions before making any additional action or any quick decision to move again. Failure to evaluate your position at all times will only result in giving yourself away and becoming a sitting target.

You should try to think twice but act the once in a decisive manner.

4) Don’t become a target:

Staying stealthy can play a massive part of your success on the field and being able to move quickly but staying out of sight and with minimum of noise and fuss is paramount in most games.

You should learn to use the available cover to help you become the least visible to your opponents and, with this said, it always helps if you can study your surroundings beforehand. However, with this said there are times during some games that you will want to be aggressive and move quickly around the field and in those situations sometimes stealth is not always the best tactic to employ.

5) Movement is the key:

You should not stay in one spot for too long as this can result in you being targeted by one or more opposing players. Also, you should make sure that you are in the most effective place for actively supporting your team. It’s not fun to get singled out in a remote location and having to fend for yourself with little hope of team assistance.

Likewise, you should not decide to position yourself way back from the front line and rely on your team to push forward thinking you will benefit from their hard work as you should then question your participation.

6) Team work is vital:

Paintball is one of those sports where team work is paramount and you should understand that if you plan and work together on the field, in a strategic manner, then you will have a huge edge on most paintball opponents.

I should really impress on you that keeping your cool whilst working closely as a team is extremely important. It is very easy for some players to have a sudden rush of blood to the head and disregard prior team tactics to go alone in pursuit of glory, believe me when I say that this is a lone strategy for failure and you will be quickly become very unpopular with your so called team players.

Having prior team tactics in place for game play will give you plenty of options on the field, follow your team tactics carefully and try not to deviate from your plans to any great degree. Lastly, your team should have a backup plan in place, maybe a couple of them, as situations can always change and you should be able to regroup and recover your situation having a prior backup plan in reserve.

7) Team communication:

Having discussed team work being vitally important and having a good plan of attack in place prior to being in live play you should also be able to communicate effectively with your team mates during the game.

Keep any communication on the field strictly about game play and maneuvering, it goes without saying that irrelevant chit chat will only give away your position and then you will find yourself being attacked by the opponents.

Remember, team communication is good but use the minimum of volume required and don’t give away your own position for the sake of pointless chit chat.

8) Survey the game zone:

You should have good situational awareness that includes everything going on around you, in reasonable proximity, you will then be able to outwit or minimize any possible attack from more than one player at any time during the game.

Having a knowledge of the surroundings can also be used to give you an advantage when it comes to utilising the element of surprise. You can move quickly between field cover and be able to fire a couple of rounds at a surprised opponent whilst moving from cover to cover. You will find that the opposing players will have their attention drawn to your prior cover and not be aware you have moved or advanced upon them.

9) Practice Makes Perfect:

It should go without saying that learning how to win at paintballing is something that develops over time but if you want to improve and hone your general paintball skills then the more you can get and play this game then the faster you will see improvement in ability and skill level.

The most common issue found with players just starting out in paintball is that of aiming the marker and getting a reliable and accurate shot. Remember, you can practice, at home, taking aim with your gun without actually shooting paintballs.

10) Don’t over complicate things:

The last of our paintballing tips is for any level of paintball, woodsball or speedball player, and this is to not try too hard and therefore over complicate the game play or to not over think things when you are on the field.

Paintball is relatively straightforward game and doesn’t require extra flamboyant moves, or heroic stunts like you see in the action movies. Keep things simple and straightforward and make sure you understand the paintball rules and paintball safety guidelines and be nice to the marshals as they are there to help and assist you.


If you can implement just a few of our paintballing tips outlined above during your play, which include the game variations such as speedball and woodsball, then you should become a better game player and you chances for coming out on top will be greatly improved.

If you are a little stumped by some of the paintballing terminology then why not take a look at our comprehensive paintball glossary of terms and paintball jargon article for technical or general help.

If you are just starting out and want further advice about how to play the game including additional tips for paintball then please visit our blog or our paintball tactics category page to find more information.

When you have situational awareness, focus, and alertness with good team skills then your further enjoyment of the game of paintballing will grow in leaps and bounds and you will be hooked for life.

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