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Welcome to our BLOG which contains all general information and articles on paintball. All of our blog articles are written by our own team of staff and regular paintball players. Our team love this sport and will be passing on their knowledge through advice, tips, and gear reviews.

We are a comparatively new paintball website but don’t let that put you off from checking in on us regularly for new paintball blog posts and videos.


How Much Does Paintball Hurt You – Really?

How Much Does Paintball Hurt You – Really?

Without exception the most frequent question that is asked by new players is both - Does paintball hurt and by how much? The honest truth is that in paintball there are basic safety guidelines to follow and also you should be wearing at least some protective clothing to cover your most vital and delicate body areas. If you do take a direct hit then the key is to make sure you have taken precautions to minimise any direct skin impact which can leave bruising or painful paintball welts, watch the included video which explains everything you need to know.

Speedball vs Woodsball – Can I Play Both?

Speedball vs Woodsball – Can I Play Both?

If you want to know the differences between ‘Speedball and Woodsball’ then this blog post has you covered. Many players that are new to the game or that are first timers should definitely read this article, and for you intermediate or pro players this is a really great and insightful article about the complete evolution and history of the sport of paintball. Since the 1980’s the game has continued to evolve and we present the history through Paintball, Woodsball, Hyperball and Airball plus we throw in a walk-through video explaining this history and sport evolution.

Additional Information: Paintball BLOG Category

Our paintball blog is an area of our website that contains general information about the very broad subject matter of paintball. So what do we cover? – Well our blog contains articles covering paintball tips & tactics, team strategies, game play ideas, questions about how to do things plus we also offer this area of our site for guest articles from paintball players of all levels.

The sport of paintball has some awesome game variations of which these are the common ones, Speedball, Woodsball (Bushball), and MilSim we cover each of the game types in more detail on our site but here is a summary.

Paintball – The category under which both speedball, woodsball and MilSim come under, there are also varying competing levels up to tournament paintball play for the more advanced of you.

Speedball – This is a game that is played on an open field often resembling a soccer pitch, you will usually find the playing surface to be either AstroTurf or grass. Throughout the playing field you can find inflatables often referred to as “bunkers” these are used for the player to conceal themselves behind. The game of speedball is very fast paced and often games last between 10 and 30 minutes with paintball balls being fired at a much higher frequency than that in woodsball.

Woodsball – This is the original form of paintball and it is only in more recent times that a game, outside of an enclosed pitch or arena, played within a partially or fully wooded area is now called “woodsball”, this being the original type of paintball. There are different variations of woodsball in both casual, large scale simulations and competition formats but the main objective of the game is to locate the opponent’s base and take control of it.

Scenario Paintball (MilSim) – This is commonly known as military simulation and based on actual military warfare by civilians who want to create the most realistic warfare simulations possible. There are a couple of usual scenarios including both re-enactment and simulation and the participants are very serious about getting the period details correct. You will often find large numbers of participants in these events and they often travel to the corners of the globe to be involved with like-minded MilSim enthusiasts.

Where can I play paintball?

The sport of paintball is played either on a piece of privately owned land or on a commercially operated venue who have a set price for admission and they often hire out paintball gear to walk-on players.

The size of the paintball field or woods area will obviously vary between each venue but you will find either natural or artificial terrain with inflatables (speedball) and you will be required to follow strict safety rules when playing.

You will find that most commercial venues will offer an array of facilities and advice, most offer toilet facilities, changing rooms, soft drinks & snacks, and a shop to either hire or buy paintball gear. It is important to know that a lot of fields, but not all, operate a ‘Field Paint Only’ (FPO) policy which means that you will need to purchase your paintball balls from them.

The information above is just a summary of the broad topic of paintball and you can find additional content within the articles included within our blog covering paintball tips and advice, gear talk, and our paintball shop available to browse.

We are a relatively young website and awesome content does take time to put together but please be assured that our dedicated team of paintball editors are always adding more information to our site categories on a regular basis. We urge you to kindly share our site through twitter and facebook, also tell you friends to check us out as well. We welcome your feedback and also any stories with or without video telling us about your game play and, with your permission, we may even publish those on our site (contact us through the footer link on this page). You can also bookmark us on your internet browser and check back from time to time for our new and updated content.

Enjoy your Paintballing Games!

Our team want you to have fun paintballing, enjoy your games but remember those paintball rules and be safe at all times, get playing and improving on your skills today.

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