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Welcome to our paintball video category, the majority of the paintballing videos contained here are informational and they cover a very broad spectrum of the paintballing sport. This is a fairly new category so we would urge you to bookmark this page and check back at regular intervals when more content will be added.

Enjoy the videos we have for you below and when you done please also take a look at our paintball shop for any paintballing gear requirements you have.


The Complete Paintball Gear Bag 2015

The Complete Paintball Gear Bag 2015

In this video post we walk you through a complete paintball gear bag containing everything you need to start playing paintball at a beginner or intermediate player level. This contains some very useful information about each of the essential gear items and you can see first-hand what each piece of gear does and also why it has been chosen for its place in the bag. There is a bewildering array of paintball gear available on the market and this video will hopefully clarify what is best, why it is needed and therefore give you some ideas for your next gear purchase.

How to Make a Paintball Grenade at Home

How to Make a Paintball Grenade at Home

So you want to know how to make your own paintball grenade at home? Well, if you do have a bit of spare time and you are happy to get a few basic items together then you could save yourself a pocket full of money as opposed to ordering the pre-made ones from a paintball gear retailer. The method of making a paintball grenade is explained in the video which takes you by easy steps through the whole process from start to finish. It really is easy to make one of these things and once you have a ready supply of materials they get even cheaper to make yourself.

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