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Welcome to our paintball gear guide which includes general information on all the types of gear and equipment that you will commonly find used when playing paintball. If you are a beginner you may well want to hire the basic gear from the paintballing venue but it is still very useful to know and understand what type of equipment is available and what purpose it serves.

Below you will find some great information and reviews, we talk about paintball gear. We also bring you information on cool new equipment & gadgets you will want to include in your paintball gear bag.


The 3 Best Woodsball Guns in Complete Kits

The 3 Best Woodsball Guns in Complete Kits

We give you our recommendations for the 3 best woodsball guns available in complete kits with details and features of each marker and the included package items. The suitability of a particular marker over another one is often down to a number of factors including specifications, brand, build quality and price all of which we discuss. Take a look to find out what marker we believe to be the best paintball gun for woodsball, you can also watch the included video that discusses the differences between woodsball vs speedball markers.

Paintball CO2 vs HPA Compressed Air Tanks

Paintball CO2 vs HPA Compressed Air Tanks

Have you ever been confused over paintball air tanks? The problem comes when you have an array of terminology banded around by the manufacturers to market these products. We talk about the terms you need to know, the 2 main types of air sources, and we answer the main question from players which is should I be using compressed air vs co2 for paintball guns. We have included a video that demystifies this question and gives you the real pros and cons for CO2 vs HPA, and why spending a little more money could save you in the long term.

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Just some of the paintball equipment we plan to discuss:

Paintball Markers & Guns, Stocks and Barrels, Protective Gear, Helmets, Masks, Goggles, Gloves, Harnesses, Paintball Clothing, Paintball Bags and Cases, Sights, Complete Paintball Sets, Hoppers and Accessories, plus Tanks and Regulators.

If you are an active paintball player then you will certainly embrace the fact, that to really fully enjoy the game to its fullest then, you need to produce a complete atmosphere of realism in your game play. Moreover, most serious players like to make sure they feel like they are in a real combat situation (MilSim), albeit a paintball simulation.

It is important to go into battle with a top quality paintball outfit and marker gun which is where we are able to help you with some great advice on what to buy, this brings me to mention that we also have an online paintball shop for all your paintballing needs.

At Paintball Tips Online our objectives are to give you the best paintball gear to allow you to then take to the field feeling 100% confident that your game play will be as enthralling & realistic as possible. You can find equipment brands from the likes of Tippmann, Empire, Spyder, Dye, JT, Valken, Rap4 and lots more in our online shop. We have 16 categories of paintball gear which are mentioned above and we also include a special category for cheap paintball gear which includes items you can purchase as gifts for things like birthdays.

We bring you real unbiased reviews where we can talk openly about the best paintball equipment and what we think is the best gear on the market, taking price and quality into consideration. So, why not bookmark this category and regularly check back on our new paintball equipment reviews.

Let’s discuss some paintball gear that we plan to talk about in this gear category:

Paintball Attire:

Let’s face it, when playing, it is really important to be dressed in good paintball attire that includes, a jacket and jersey top, some extremely well padded paintball pants and a good hat for the winter. It also doesn’t matter if you are looking for senior attire, girl gear or youth paintball gear we have you covered.

You can find top quality paintball apparel included our shop from brands such as Empire, BT, V-Tac, Dye, Exalt and many more.

Paintball Guns and Markers:

When you have some good paintball clothing then the next item on your list is to get yourself a really good paintball marker, making sure you try and get the best available within your budget is crucial.

Paintball guns and markers are available in many different variations and specifications and understanding what type of marker is best suited to your type of game play is also very important. In our upcoming gear talk reviews we will discuss the different types of paintball markers including pistols, sniper rifles, magazine fed versions, which guns to use in game variants such as speedball and woodsball scenario and we discuss what makes one paintball marker better than another.

We have a large array of marker brands to choose from which include US Army, Tippmann, Spyder, Dye, Azodin to name but a few.

Paintball Sets For Beginners

If you are a going paintballing for the first time or you are looking to get hold of your first paintball gun set then there is a world of confusion and possible research ahead of you. We want to remove the headache of researching and buying a paintball setup (including: such equipment as a marker gun, a pair of googles, a harness etc.)

The best and complete paintball starter set packages are listed in our shop, they have many gear variations but they include anything from basic equipment through to the more professional markers and high grade protective clothing items. We suggest that if you are buying gear for the first time that you take a look at a paintball gun set and spend as much as your budget allows to avoid having to upgrade at a later date.

The Azodin Kaos Paintball Kits are a good place to start, these include everything you will want such as a light weight marker, a mask with visor and anti-fog lens, tough co2 tank with pin valve, harness with clear tubes, and not to mention a barrel condom.

Our primary aim is to give you the best advice & paintball tips you need.

At Paintball Tips Online are primary aim is to bring you the best paintball tips and advice on our website and as regular paintball competitors ourselves we know the importance of straight talking, top quality and impartial advice. Therefore, we are independent of the big brands and manufacturers albeit we offer a range of their paintball gear in our shop but because there is a large and diverse range of products the ultimate choice is up to you the paintball equipment consumer.

If you want to find a specific item in our paintball shop then we have made it extremely fast easy to find what you want whilst on any page on our website. Now, you can simply enter your required item into the search bar on the top of the right hand sidebar, the widget title is ‘Find Anything Below:’, which is visible on most pages on our site.

If you have any questions for our site editors or even want to ask them to consider including an article or video you have produced then we welcome you to click on the ‘Contact Page’ link found in our site footer and one of the editorial team will get back to you quickly with an answer.

We would urge you to take in consideration that we are a fairly new website and although our team of paintball fanatics are eager to get us much content up on this site and within our blog as quickly as possible it does take time to create the ultimate paintball resource. We would really like you to tell your friends about this site and share it on facebook & twitter etc, you can tell us about your own experiences by contacting the editors using the link in the footer. Moreover please bear with us whilst we add more and more paintball content to our site and bookmark it on your browser so you can check back on us.

Enjoy your Paintballing Games!

All of our team urge you to enjoy your paintballing with as much excitement, fun and tactical prowess that we enjoy, make sure you keep to the safety rules and continue to learn and improve your paintball skills.

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