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We often get asked questions like what is the best woodsball paintball gun package, which is the best paintball gun for woodsball and can I use a woodsball gun for speedball – So, we decided to put a series of articles in our gear talk blog category giving our advice on what we think are the best paintball guns or marker kits suited to each of the paintball game variations.


Our 3 Best Woodsball Guns in Packages

This is the first in a series of articles giving you our view and advice on what we believe to be the best gear currently available in a certain category. (ie. The Best Woodsball Gun).

The information below is not intended to contain a full review of the best woodsball gun packages mentioned but merely a general overview of the main features giving you our own take on the pros and cons of each product. We also provide internal links to each product within our paintball shop, so you have the option to buy these woodsball gun packages if you want.

You no doubt will want to know, how we came up with our best woodsball gun selection criteria. We take into the overall features, buyer feedback and give a high weight to quality, we give a substantial weight on value for money and combine the results giving the top rating for each product category.


Top 3 Picks: Best Woodsball Paintball Gun Packages:

1) Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Tactical E-Grip Gun Package

We really love this US Army tactical M16 style paintball gun, the big thing that makes this gun stand out from the crowd is the build quality that Tippmann put into this US Army licensed product, the reliability and durability of this marker is among its standout features.

US Army Alpha Black Tactical Woodsball Paintball Package

US Army Alpha Black Tactical Woodsball Paintball Package

This gun both feels solid and study, it really looks the part on the woodsball field and the reliability of knowing this gun will fire shot after shot without getting jammed like other comparable markers.

We also like the fact that this marker uses parts common to the Tippmann 98 gun which makes for easy maintenance or repairs.

Kit summary: 8 items including the marker, a mask, feeder, harness, tubes, oil, barrel squeegee and air tank.

The Gun – Features:

The M16 style adjustable stock which is simple to use, lever allows 6 adjustment positions.
Three electronic firing modes: Auto, Semi Auto, and 3 Shot Bursts.
It has an 11 inch barrel and has a built in barrel shroud that really does look so cool.
An integrated carry handle mounted on the top in true M16 style.
Detachable magazine that hides your marker toolkit – this is brilliant!
Die cast all Aluminum receiver and inline bolt system.
Feeder elbow (quick release) & Stainless gas line.

This woodsball gun has a real military look and feel which will please recreational paintball players wanting true realism from their woodsball marker.

Included Within The Gun Package:

The US Army Alpha Black Tactical E-Grip Gun, GXG Anti Fog Lens Mask with Visor, CO2 Tank (20z) with pin valve, 6+1 Harness (3Skull) Inc. 140 Round Capacity Clear Tubes, Barrel Squeegee (Orange Jerk), 200 Round Gravity Feed Hopper, and Gold Cup Gun Oil (1oz Bottle).

Package Cost and Availability:

The US Army Alpha Black Tactical Marker Package – Typical cost is around the $230 mark, the exact package we offer comes in slightly under that price and includes all the extra goodies (mentioned above) – you can take a look and buy the US Army Alpha Black Woodsball Gun Package from our online shop.


2) Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Deluxe Gun Package

The second firm favourite of ours in the woodsball marker category is the Tippmann US Army Project Salvo paintball marker. This gun is based around the AR-15 US Army training firearm and is a big hitter amongst the woodsball and military paintball simulation enthusiasts.

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Deluxe Gun Woodsball Package

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Deluxe Gun Woodsball Package

This paintball marker is from Tippmann one of the biggest and most well trusted names on the paintball scene. The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo is a great gun for woodsball, it is well made, has a realistic look and feel and offers you the reliability that you need on the field.

This marker uses standard .68 calibre paintball rounds available from all good paintball shops. It has a semi auto open bolt firing system and can use CO2 or Nitrogen air sources with a solid and reliable fire rate of 8 rounds per second.

Kit summary: 9 items including the marker, a gun case, remote coil, gravity feeder, hpa tank, oil, harness, tubes, and barrel squeegee.

The Gun – Features:

Based on the US Army AR-15 with a folding/collapsible stock allowing 6 position adjustment.
Semi-Automatic firing mode with a shooting capacity of 8 rounds per second.
It features an 11 inch quick thread barrel with shroud, and picatinny rails.
Both adjustable and removable sights on front and rear.
Die cast all-aluminum receiver with project salvo receiver and stainless gas line.
Compatibility with both N2, CO2, and compressed air sources.
Tool kit supplied, spare parts, barrel cover and training manual.
One year manufacturer’s warranty included.

Included Within the Gun Package: (9 Items)

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker, JT Elite Anti Fog Mask Google, 200 Round GXG Gravity Feed Hopper, 48ci 3000psi HPA Tank, Barrel Squeegee (Orange), 1oz Gun Oil from Extreme Rage, 4+1 Harness (GXG) plus 4 Plastic Pods, Remote Coil Air Adapter & Thick Hose, and a Good Quality Case (GXG) to Fit the Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker (23”x11”x1”).

One of the real plus points of this woodsball marker is that being a Tippmann gun you have a large array of possible upgrade components such as the 98 series flatline barrel and the 98 custom trigger – we highly rate both of those upgrades.

Package Cost and Availability:

The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Deluxe Gun Package – Typical cost is around the $240 mark, this great package includes everything you need to play woodsball – please take a look and buy the Tippmann Project Salvo Woodsball Gun Package from our online shop.


3) Empire BT Delta Elite E-Grip Paintball Marker Package

Finally, our third best woodsball gun package comes from Empire BT, with the Delta Elite E-Grip Paintball Marker Gun. This gun is an established favourite amongst many woodsball and MilSim players with its looks and feel based around the renowned HK sub-machine gun.

Empire BT Delta Elite E-Grip Paintball Woodsball Marker Package

Empire BT Delta Elite E-Grip Paintball Woodsball Marker Package

The BT Delta Elite E-Grip Marker comes in at a higher price point but it incorporates advanced features that you only get with a marker of the highest quality and performance bracket.

This paintball marker offers true realism in both looks and feel along with many advanced features like the E-Grip (Electronic Grip) firing adjustment system offering variable ramping, full auto and semi-auto fire modes. This Empire BT marker also incorporates a double trigger and offers the revolutionary Rip Clip paintball feed system that allows for extremely rapid fire rates.

This is one tough and maneuverable marker, ideal in close quarter combat, it will withstand a lot of hard knocks on the woodsball field.

Kit summary: 8 items including the marker with force feed feeder, barrel condom, mask, co2 tank, harness, tubes, barrel squeegee, and a tube of oil.

The Gun – Features:

Based around the HK sub-machine gun with adjustable multi-position stock.
Various firing modes including ramping, fully auto, semi auto and double trigger.
The renowned BT apex barrel allowing for full trajectory and extended range accuracy.
Incorporates Rip Clip, force feed loader for rapid fire capability (200 round capacity).
Adjustable rear sight for more accurate shooting.
Strong but lightweight construction materials for close combat, extended life and durability.
Compatibility with compressed air and CO2 sources.
Easy cleaning and maintenance with slide-away feedport.
One year parts and labour BT warranty.

Included Within the Gun Package: (8 Items)

The Empire BT Delta Elite Paintball Marker, GXG Mask with Built-In Visor, 20oz CO2 Tank (3Skull), 4+1 Deluxe Harness (3Skull) with 4 x 140 Round Tubes, Gold Cup Oil (1oz) Bottle, 21” squeegee (Orange), and a Barrel Condom.

If you want a gun that will outperform most others, will be rough and tough, work day in and day out, is easy to maintain and looks extremely realistic then you need look no further (Considered one of the best woodsball marker guns at its price level).

Package Cost and Availability:

The Empire BT Delta Elite E-Grip Paintball Marker Gun Package – Typical cost is around the $400 mark, a mid to upper level gun and package offering fantastic features and at home on any woodsball field – you can see more details and buy the BT Delta Elite Gun Package from our online shop.


So, what is the best paintball gun for woodsball?

We do not want to be drawn into choosing just one woodsball gun package from the above recommendations, each one is great in its own unique way and has qualities that the others do not. Our final suggestion would be one simply based on style and price – choose the one you best like the look of and then your budget, rest assured you will be very pleased with your decision (You can’t go wrong with any of the 3 top picks!)

We have given the details of what we believe to be the best woodsball gun packages currently available for overall quality, price and sheer good looks.

You may want to take a look at one of our related articles that discusses ‘Speedball vs Woodsball‘ and offers a useful insight into not only the history of paintball but the differences of the game in terms of on field action and also how that influences paintball marker suitability.

If you want further information on any paintball starter sets and pro packages then check the corresponding link & button shown at the bottom on each of the 3 products above, or alternatively visit our paintball kits main shop category.


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