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In this essential paintball clothing tips guide we wanted to cover a rather common question that we hear all the time from mainly novice players, that being – What to wear paintballing?. This subject is very broad, with players having their own preferences on the biggest and best brands, or those who are on a small budget and needing to equip themselves with just essential starter gear.

It kind of goes without saying that you can spend a fortune on the best gear but the majority of players, especially beginners, do not have the money or the foresight to know if they are even going to continue playing paintball in the long term. Therefore, in this tips and advice guide, we wanted to focus on the essential clothing that every player should wear or alternatively hire from their preferred paintballing venue.

So, what to wear when paintballing?

What To Wear For PaintballYou should really understand that you do not have to buy lots of clothing or equipment on your first time out playing paintball. Most public and walk-on venues will have all the gear and clothing you need to hire and this is generally relatively inexpensive and is the best way to taste the fun and adventure of the game.

However, once you like this sport you should be prepared to then spend some money on specialised paintballing clothes, which will over the longer term, save you money on the hire gear. It’s worth remembering that if after a good number of times playing that you decide to invest in your own paintball protective gear it will last for a long time and, also as your game level progresses, good clothing will better protect your body.

No doubt, you will get hooked on paintball very quickly and the question of what to wear for paintball then becomes how much money to spend on what to wear!

Let’s discuss what essential clothes you need whilst being prepared with comfort and weather in mind.

Comfortable Clothing:

You should always wear comfortable clothing which is not too tight and allows you to have free arm or leg movement. Tight clothes will give you a disadvantage when it comes to aiming you marker gun or being able to run for cover if needed.

Wearing an old comfortable pair of jeans is really ok and acceptable on public paintball fields and most players you will see at walk-on venues will be wearing them, just don’t wear you best pair of Levis!

Top Tip: Wear darker clothes and make sure they are old things so you really won’t mind if they get filthy dirty. Modern paintballs will wash out from your dark coloured clothing but the dirt and grass stains from the moving around the field is harder to remove.

Wear Layers Of Clothing:

When you participate in any sport that requires a large amount of activity you should be prepared to get hot and cold, short bursts of movement will produce perspiration or sweating over your body. Wearing layers of clothing is the essential solution for controlling your body heat as they can be removed or replaced easily and you can feel much more comfortable playing paintball throughout the day.

It is recommended to wear at least one long sleeve top layer over any other clothes as this will protect you from often painful direct hits to your arms. Hoodies are great as your top layer of clothing in colder weather conditions as they are often baggy and the hood will give you better head protection.

Top Tip: Your outer layer of clothing, normally a long sleeve top, is recommended to be nice and baggy, this will help, as some paintball pellets will bounce from your baggy top without even exploding.

It’s Hot, But Don’t Be Tempted to Wear Shorts:

If you happen to be playing in hot weather please resist the temptation to pair a pair of shorts. You will put yourself at risk of getting painful welts on your legs from closer range direct hits. I saw a youngster actually having to receive medical treatment after being hit repeatedly from paintballs whilst wearing shorts, it was not nice to see and especially not nice for the person in question.

Protecting Your Head:

It’s always a good idea to wear a hat on the paintball field, consider wearing an old beanie or a baseball cap. It still not only keep your head warm on those cold days playing but it will go some way to protect your precious head from painful hits with pesky paintball balls.

You will also need to have a face mask and goggles which are available to rent from the venue and it’s advisable to make sure it fits you securely and is comfortable around your face. Also, you will still be able to wear your cap or beanie over the mask, some people turn their baseball cap backwards to aid visibility and appearance.

Some Gloves Don’t Cut The Mustard:

When you are playing paintball you often have to quickly aim and shoot your marker which although being the fun part can be really annoying if you happen to have a thick pair of full finger gloves that won’t properly wrap around the trigger. With this in mind you should consider hiring or buying a pair of tactical paintball gloves which are often thinner but padded in the places that will not hinder you trigger finger.

Top Tip: You can buy a pair of inexpensive half finger paintball gloves that will both keep your hands nice and warm on those cold days and also not hinder you from firing your marker.

Shoes are Important:

It is very important to wearing a sturdy pair of shoes, ones you can run around in, and a pair that you feel comfortable wearing. The shoes can happily be an old pair of hiking boots, thick heeled running shoes or trainers, or wear a pair of cleats.

Don’t Worry So Much about Your Appearance:

Like many first time paintballers there is always that question or feeling that you are not sure how you will look or fit in on the paintball field. Try not to worry about your first time playing the game as their will be many players, like yourself out for the first time, feeling a little bit conscious and wearing a mix of their old clothes.

The players at the venue may be of all difference skill levels but you can be assured that the people will still respect you as a beginner or a pro player just the same. You will more than likely be around players just like yourself, so you really don’t have to come dressed in top pro gear, and you don’t have to appear an expert in all matters of game play. Likewise, other players will help or assist you if they see you struggling or be happy to talk and help if you ask.


Paintballing Clothing Concise Tips:

1) Wear Old Clothes

2) Wear Long Sleeve Tops

3) Avoid Wearing Shorts

4) Dress for the Weather

5) Wear a Hat

6) Wear a Good Pair of Gloves

7) A Sturdy Pair of Shoes or Wear Some Cleats

8) Hire the Gear For the First Few Times Out

9) Take a Change of Clothes and Garbage Bag


Remember, just enjoy yourself and have fun on the paintballing field and by just using some common sense and by following our what to wear for paintball advice you should be all set for a great day of worry free excitement.

You can find more great advice on our blog or within our paintball tactics category, if you want to check out our great deals on paintball clothing and equipment then visit our paintball shop today!

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