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The Complete Paintball Gear Bag 2015

If you are looking for a reasonably priced mid-price range complete paintball setup then you can’t go far wrong with the equipment in this bag.

We wanted to give you the list of products mentioned in the video, much like a transcript, and given you the direct links for most of the items available through our online shop (where products now include updated versions we reference those). As much as we hope you will buy through us we still always recommend that you shop around and compare prices when buying paintball gear.

1) The Ideal Footwear:

Magnum Boots or Cleats – Having the correct footwear for paintball is very important (Magnum Boots available soon).

2) Paintball Pants: 

BT (Battle Tested) Combat Pants – These have built in knee pads, various pockets, and have extra padding for protection. The BT pants have plenty of pockets including a swab pouch and they are a great pair of paintball pants for either paintball or woodsball.

3) Paintball Jersey:

Empire Camo Jersey – Is a great jersey with great balance pads and built in gloves, it is made from light breathable material and will ensure you always feel comfortable and look great on the field.

4) Camera Equipment:

Contour Roam 2 or 3  – This is a 720/1080p high definition camera and is the camera used by the top paintball players, a great feature of this paintball camera is its rotating lens.

Camera Accessories: A good quality camera barrel mount adapter.

5) Paintball Mask:

Valken Mask – The Valken sports masks are a good entry level helmet and have a cool facility of a low profile, quick and easy, camera mount which makes it a good choice for those wanting to use a Contour camera. Valken masks also offer great full face protection and are extremely comfortable to wear on the paintball field.

6) Paintball Pod Pack:

Dye Multi-Cam 3+4 Pod Pack – Dye make a great range of pod packs available here.

7) Paintball Air Tank:

Ninja 90ci/4500psi Carbon Fibre Tank – Ninja are one of the leaders in paintball air and co2 tanks, they are extremely reliable and very safe whilst out on the field. The new Ninja tanks have 3 options of valve types, the STDREG (Standard Regulator), the ULREG (Lightweight) and PROV2SLP (300psi Output Pressure).

8) Paintball Hopper:

Valken VMAX Loader – The Valken is a great paintball loader for those on a budget, it offers a 220 round capacity and has a very easy one button operation and operates on 2 x 9V batteries.

9) Paintball Marker:

GoG eXTCY Paintball Marker – This gun is truly great and offers big performance for not so much buck. It is made from a lightweight aluminium alloy and is strong enough to survive your toughest paintball session. It can fire 20+ paintball rounds a second with various firing modes including auto, semi auto, 3 shot burst fire, PSP and single shot.

Additions: Always have a barrel sock with the gun and if you lose it you should get an immediate replacement.

10) Barrel Swab:

Paintball Barrel Swabs – You can find a variety of swabs at prices between a few bucks to $15 range.

11) Gravity Feed Hopper:

Gravity Feed Hopper and Pocket Hopper – This should be a standard budget hopper but it is always useful to have in your paintball gear bag for those days that your field operates a gravity feed only game policy.

10) Head Wear:

Dye Head Wrap – These are great head wraps that help prevent any sweat from running down your face into your eyes, offers great protection from paintball hits. They are made from a breathable mesh and they also look super cool

11) Gun Mat: 

The Gun Mat – A great piece of kit for marker field repairs, helps you stopping losing disassembled parts of your marker with partitions for your grip, bolt and those pesky small screws that otherwise you would spend hours looking around for in the grass.

12) Half Finger Paintball Gloves:

Valken V-TAC Half Finger Gloves – These gloves give your hands the protection you need and also make it easy for quick access to your marker trigger with only half of your fingers being covered. These gloves give really good knuckle protection to help reduce any pain from close range paintball hits and also scratches from ground cover whilst playing woodsball.

13) Paintball Smoke Grenades:

Smoke Grenades – The Enola Gaye paintball smoke grenades (Wire Pull), these are available in packs of 3 and put out a high volume of brightly coloured smoke.

14) Anti-Fog Wipes:

Fogtech DX Anti-Fog Wipes – We always recommend the Fogtech anti-fog wipes as these wipes have a fantastic formula that prevents your googles from fogging, they prevent scratching and ensure your paintball goggle lenses don’t deteriorate through repeat applications.

14) Paintball Barrels:

CP Barrel (14” & .689 Bore) – An upgrade to your barrel will make a great addition to your GoG marker, we have various barrels available at every price bracket.

15) Paintball Caddy and Ammo: 

Valken Paintball Caddy – You always need something to contain your many paintball balls and having a caddy helps you reload your pods and hopper quickly.

Valken Paintballs – These paintball pellets are a popular choice and we also suggest looking at the Empire BT Munitions paintballs which are comparable to the Valkens.

16) Paintball Bags:

Paintball Duffle Bag – You have plenty of options when it comes to paintball bags but we suggest getting something like a 3Skull bag which is very similar to the North Face, in both design and cost, but is more durable and has a few more pockets for your paintball accessories and gear.


That’s it, you have reached the end of this video and we really hope that if nothing else, over the last 10 minutes, you have gained some insightful gear and accessory ideas.

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