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You have arrived at our paintball tips & tactics category of our website and here you will find some really great advice and information on paintball game play. Our team of staff and blog editors are dedicated professional paintball players who between them possess a wealth of information and knowledge about all aspects of the sport with beginner tips through tournament strategy, our site brings you all of this to help improve & advance your game.

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Paintball Tips For Beginners

Paintball is a really fun game, one which you can enjoy with your friends and family, it can bring enjoyment and excitement and it allows you that element of danger whilst being a reasonably safe sport. However, like any pursuit, hobby or pastime it requires a basic knowledge of rules, safety and game play to allow its full enjoyment. This ‘Paintball Tips For Beginners’ article is intended for you to get to grips with the basics of paintball, what to expect on the field, and covers some initial teamwork advice for getting a step ahead of your competing players.

Paintball Suppression & Invasion Tactic

So you want to win at paintball? It is advisable that you have a basic game plan to outwit your paintballing opponents and to make sure that you stay focused, alert, and be able to adapt your tactics during live play. The art of using both the paintball suppression and invasion tactic is outlined in this article, and it should give you a good understanding of how you can, always be one step ahead of the opposition, after all if you have the edge on your competition then overpowering them is altogether easier. Teamwork is paramount in any good paintball team and it will leave the other side wondering just what has hit them, stay positive and believe that winning is not just luck it is something you plan for.

Paintballing Tips

If you want to improve you game techniques then it’s always good to read up on some good paintballing tips. In this in depth article cover we cover the mind-set needed, opponent suppression whilst moving effectively, field awareness and using the available cover, team play and communication plus alot more. It is important to achieve maximum advantage over your opposing players and you can easily learn how to win at paintball by making sure you implement good tactics, techniques, and effective movement enabling you to then think on your feet without freezing or being hit by avoidable paintball pellets.

What To Wear When Paintballing

We receive a large number of questions from people about clothing and more precisely what to wear for paintballing. In this article we wanted to cover this subject and give you some great advice and paintball clothing tips to help you understand what to wear for paintball play. Additionally, there is some great advice on how clothing can both keep you safer and help you improve your actual game play as there are situations that certain clothes will slow you down or hinder your movement. Of course, there are some top tips for players of all levels and information that your game will benefit from.

Paintball Shooting Tips

If you want to play paintball and enjoy the sport to its fullest then you really need to get to grips with firing your marker. So, you’re probably thinking how hard can it be to fire a gun?
Although almost anybody can just point and shoot there is a correct method to follow when learning how to shoot a paintball gun. To hit your targets with a higher degree of accuracy and frequency you should know the position to stand, how to hold a paintball gun, and how to aim and fire. This paintball shooting tips article will answer the questions you have.

Glossary of Paintball Terms

Have you ever been left scratching your head when someone is referring to a term that you do not understand or you have been on a website or forum and been left confused by the paintball speak. Don’t worry, you are not alone, as with other sports you do get to learn the jargon but you need a little help and this is why we decided to write a comprehensive glossary of paintball terms which should help you understand these things a little clearer. We have you covered for all the most important paintball terms, lingo, technical speak and jargon used in the sport.

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