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How to Make a Paintball Grenade at Home

If you want to make your own paintball grenade at home then you should know that it’s not really that difficult, you get more satisfaction from the fact that you did make it and also you save a few bucks on a shop bought version.

The parts you need to make your paintball grenades will almost certainly be available from your local hardware store and the bits and pieces like balloons and filler bottles are available from stores like Walmart.

The cost of all the bits and pieces will initially have to include the one time purchases such as the filler bottle or syringe, pliers or grips and scissors but in most cases you will have the later around your house or in your toolkit. So, it should work out that each paintball grenade will end up costing you about $1.50, you can make a decent quantity in advance – the more you make the more you save.


How to Make a Paintball Grenade:

1) Latex Tubing or Good Quality Latex Balloons:

Generally try and use Latex tubing (3/8” outside diameter) you have some small variation of tube size but stay approximately to the tube diameter given.

You want to cut lengths of about 6 to 8 inches (approx 20cm) and then tie a simple knot in one end of the tubing.

2) The Grenade Cap & Pin:

Once the grenade is filled you will fold the non-tied end over about 1” and place a cap over the end.

You need to get ½” PVC pipe, or similar, and cut about 1” and drill a hole right the way through this with a small drill bit.

For the pin you can use a ‘Cotter Pin’ which, in the last step, feeds through the cap hole and slides in underneath the flap/fold of the latex tubing.

3) Essential Items:

You will need a pair of grip or pliers, a filler bottle or a giant syringe – if you want a really great kit of balloons (substitute for the latex tubing) and a filler bottle see this balloon grenade kit here.

4) Filling the tubing:

Fill the syringe using the plunger and then place this into the open end of your tubing and force your paint mixture into the tube creating a balloon of liquid.

Important: Keep the pressure of the syringe whilst using your spare hand to clamp the tubing, using the grips, so the paint/liquid does not escape.

Leave about a 3 inch tail of your tubing exposed so you can then attach the cap.

5) Finishing Up:

Whilst the grips are left in place, fold the top part of the tubing in half and place your plastic cap (as in 2 above) and slide it over the tubing.

Now finally, you can place your cotter pin through the plastic cap and it should insert underneath the flap of the folded tube.

We hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a paintball grenade and you can rinse and repeat this method as many times as you want!


To help you make your grenades you may want to take a look at the ‘Balloon Grenade Kit’ which comes with 80 balloons and a large filler bottle. Additionally, we do offer a range of commercial paintball grenades from well-known brands such as BT, Big Squad, RAP4 and Tippmann (See our bestselling paintball grenades below).

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