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The best woodsball guns

The 3 Best Woodsball Guns in Complete Kits

We give you our recommendations for the 3 best woodsball guns available in complete kits with details and features of each marker and the included package items. The suitability of a particular marker over another one is often down to a number of factors including specifications, brand, build quality and price all of which we discuss. Take a look to find out what marker we believe to be the best paintball gun for woodsball, you can also watch the included video that discusses the differences between woodsball vs speedball markers.

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How Much Does Paintball Hurt

How Much Does Paintball Hurt You – Really?

Without exception the most frequent question that is asked by new players is both - Does paintball hurt and by how much? The honest truth is that in paintball there are basic safety guidelines to follow and also you should be wearing at least some protective clothing to cover your most vital and delicate body areas. If you do take a direct hit then the key is to make sure you have taken precautions to minimise any direct skin impact which can leave bruising or painful paintball welts, watch the included video which explains everything you need to know.

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The Complete Paintball Gear Bag 2015

In this video post we walk you through a complete paintball gear bag containing everything you need to start playing paintball at a beginner or intermediate player level. This contains some very useful information about each of the essential gear items and you can see first-hand what each piece of gear does and also why it has been chosen for its place in the bag. There is a bewildering array of paintball gear available on the market and this video will hopefully clarify what is best, why it is needed and therefore give you some ideas for your next gear purchase.

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  • Speedball vs Woodsball – Can I Play Both?

    Speedball vs Woodsball – Can I Play Both?

    If you want to know the differences between ‘Speedball and Woodsball’ then this blog post has you covered. Many players that are new to the game or that are first timers should definitely read this article, and for you intermediate or pro players this is a really great and insightful article about the complete evolution and history of the sport of paintball. Since the 1980’s the game has continued to evolve and we present the history through Paintball, Woodsball, Hyperball and Airball plus we throw in a walk-through video explaining this history and sport evolution.

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  • How Much Does Paintball Hurt You – Really?

    How Much Does Paintball Hurt You – Really?

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