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paintball tanks and regulators

Paintball Tanks & Regulators – Best Prices!

Paintball tanks come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges but you can get a great deal on a new compressed air tank and it won’t break the bank. These days it is accepted that you should use a HPA or compressed air tank as opposed to one which is filled with carbon dioxide (CO2) as the HPA ones are lighter and they don’t freeze and stop your gun working like a CO2 tank can in some situations. Nowadays you will find most HPA tanks are made stronger and lighter than they used to be. In addition we offer a great range of inline paintball regulators which control the air pressure going through into your paintball marker.

Feel free to take a close look at the paintball tanks and paintball regulators listed below from leading manufacturers which include names such as Empire, Air Venturi, Azodin, Bunker Kings, Custom Products (CP), Dye, Extreme, Guerilla, JT, Ninja, Rap4, Valken, Tippmann, UP Aqua and more.

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Our recommendation for buying a paintball air tank is try and spend or budget as much as possible for a HPA tank, one which suits you for capacity, the air tanks we list are updated with the best prices on a regular basis. To view our listings you should use the page forward and back buttons above (1,2,3,4, etc.) or select the number of products per page via the drop down menu above the main listings.
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