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Paintball Kits & Gun Starter Sets – Best Prices!

You can find a large selection of paintball kits and paintball sets available but it’s important you choose one to fit your long terms needs. The best gun packages are not necessarily the most expensive but you should check all the items in the starter kit and make sure you are not spending money on a top range hopper when perhaps that is the item you already own. In our opinion the items you should pay most attention to are the marker, the tank, the mask or helmet and the hopper as all the other bits of kit can be purchased easily and cheaply to upgrade your set in the future.

We offer a great range of low to high range paintball kits and paintball sets for beginners and they all come from either leading or high quality manufacturers of paintball gear. These brands include Azodin, BT, Tippmann, JT, Spyder, US Army and others.

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Choosing between paintball sets and paintball kits is really not difficult you should focus in what elements or gear is most important such as the marker, tank, goggles, hopper etc. don’t be drawn by an impressive quantity of paintballs, remember we always update the best price on each of the paintball kits regularly. Simply view the item listings or use the drop down menu above the gun set listings to choose how many products per page you wish to view.
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