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paintball protective gear

Paintball Protective Gear – Our Best Prices!

Wearing protective gear whilst playing paintball is imperative as it not only keeps you from nasty paintball impacts but also gives you manoeuvrability whilst being comfortable over longer periods. We have a good range of paintball protective gear including paintball armor, paintball vests, arm pads, elbow pads, knee pads, paintball neck protectors and tactical vests.

Check out these top quality paintball protective gear items, listed below, which are from major brands such as: 3M, 3Skull, Alta, Army Military, BH, Blackhawk, Counterstrike, Dye, Empire, Exalt, Gen-X, GI Sportz, HK Army, JT, Night Crawler, NXE, Planet Eclipse and Tippmann to name but a few.

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