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paintball loaders and accessories

Paintball Hoppers, Loaders & Accessories

In this Paintball hoppers and loader shop category we also include paintball accessories such as paintball ammo & pellets (paintballs) plus grenades, paintball chronographs, drop forwards and paintball quick disconnects. However, if you are looking for a hopper or a paintball loader then you should be aware that these important pieces of kit come in a few varieties and differing price ranges. The most basic of loader is one that is gravity fed, typically $20 – $50, and designed to allow the paintball to fall into the gun chamber or the more expensive loaders will force feed the paintball pellets using electronic gadgetry into the marker and they can cost upwards of $200 or more.

Take a closer look at the range of paintball loaders, hoppers and accessories listed below, from brands including 3Skull, BT, Cyclone, Dye, Empire, Exalt, Gen-X, GXG, Halo, HK Army, JT, Kingmann, Valken, Pinokio, Rap4, Tippmann, Valken, Viewloader, Virtue to list a few.

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Paintball Loader, Hoppers and Paintball Accessories Category:

When deciding on what paintball hopper or loader to buy you should firstly decide if you want a gravity feed or an electronic force feed version, we regularly update our best price of all the hoppers and loaders in this category. In order to view more products per page you can use the pull down menu above the gear listings or select a page number above to advance back and forth between more product page listings.
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