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paintball harnesses

Paintball Harnesses – Always Best Prices!

When it comes to carrying around your essentials on the field then you need a paintball harness, a pouch or a paintball pack. This crucial accessory should mean that you can easily get to your pods filled with paintballs or any tools you may need. The paintball harness is available in both vertical & horizontal configurations and attaches around your waist and it holds those all-important pods. You should be aware that the configuration for example will be described similar to ‘4+1 paintball harness’ and ‘6+1 paintball harness’ where the 4 or 6 means the number of loops on the harness for the pod packs.

Browse the range of paintball harnesses listed below and you will see they include leading brands such as 3Skull, Bunker Kings, Condor, Dye, Empire, Gen-X, GXG, V-TAC, Valken, HK Army, JT, Maddog, Proto, Tippmann, X Armor to list a few.

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It is important when buying a paintball harness that you think ahead and maybe get one which has perhaps a few more pod loops than maybe you need right now. Also, you may be wearing this around your waist for extended time periods so much sure you go for one with inside padding for comfort. To browse the paintball harnesses please use the pagination buttons above (1,2,3,4, etc.) or you can select from the drop down at the top of the listings the number of products per page to view.
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