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paintball equipment bags

Paintball Gear Bags & Backpacks – Best Prices!

At some point you will find your gear becoming either too much or too precious to carry around in just some old sports bag. Paintball backpacks, paintball gear bags or a paintball case can offer great storage and improved protection of your important equipment including your marker and tank etc. It’s always reassuring to know when you arrive to play that you have everything at hand including those small accessories in the pockets that you may need for equipment maintenance or repairing your marker.

You are likely to have to budget around $50 for a less expensive smaller bag or paintball case and you may even spend upwards of $150 on a medium to large fully featured gear bag. Whatever, your requirements are, we offer a big range of paintball gear bags from many manufacturers including Planet Eclipse, Gi Sportz, 3Skull, Valken, Dye, Empire, Exalt, G&G, GXG, HK Army, Planet Eclipse and others.

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It is definitely worth remembering when buying a gear bag that you will no doubt expand your gear inventory and buying one that is a bit larger than your current needs is worthwhile, check our best prices that are always updated regularly. If you want to see more product listings then use the page button (1,2,3,4, etc.) or the pull down above the listings to select the quantity of items on each page.
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